Written Test

The written test is a closed answer test about traffic rules. You can take the test three times, even in the same day, without having to pay additional fees. You can take the test in your own language (for most languages); in this case you will have to fill in an additional page in the test, mainly proving that you can read English (there are some signs to understand). Remember that in the US you are not required to know most of the signs, as they are usually written signs ("maximum speed 65", "bump", "yield", "no turn on red").

As you can take the test three times and you pass the test with up to 6 errors on the whole test, you probably don't need a lot of study for it. You can download from the DMV website the Driver Handbook. If you go through it once you should know enough to pass the test. Pay some attention to speed limits in different areas, to DUI (driving under influence) laws and rules regarding pedestrians because they usually are in the test.

Before going to the actual test you can try some sample tests (they are the same of the 2006 Driver's Handbook).

Once you pass the written test (they check the results in front of you when you finish) you can immediately schedule a behind-the-wheel test and you get a temporary driving permit that is exactly a driving license except that it doesn't provide identification and it expires in some months.

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