Sorrento Valley

Upscale living in a quiet community
Price: 650 - 900 USD

Sorrento Valley, situated north of the juncture of Interstate 5 and I-805, is a neighborhood with many scenic locations and balcony vistas. While not usually considered by UCSD students for housing, Sorrento Valley offers many benefits to those that choose to spend the premium to live here. The neighborhood sits opposite the direction of rush-hour traffic, and offers a convenient extra lane on I-5 direct to Genessee Avenue from Sorrento Valley Road. Students who don't drive can opt for the UCSD Coaster Shuttle, which provides service to and from the Coaster station by the Sorrento Valley Road I-5 on-ramp.

Housing in Sorrento Valley is expensive, with two-bedroom apartments pricing in the 1,900 $ on average. Popular complexes include Torrey Ridge, with its gorgeous hilltop views of UCSD and the surrounding areas, as well as Archstone Torrey Hills. Almost all of the housing in the area is new construction. Sorrento Valley is primarily a bedroom community for many professionals, and is thus mostly residential with many large single-family homes. The astute searcher will find a few of these homes available for rent, but don't anticipate any bargains. In this locale, expect to pay extra for the quiet atmosphere and the gorgeous rolling hills at you doorstep.

Sorrento Valley doesn't offer much for students in the way of exciting activities due to the familiy-rising theme; but what it lacks in fun, it makes up in great places to eat. At the north end of Sorrento Valley Road is a gem of an eatery - actually, two eateries in one - located in a converted old home. On one side is the award-winning Corner Shop sandwich store, offering delicious sandwiches and pastas served up in a homey street-side storefront, and no shortage of attractive staff. Around back is an entirely different cuisine at Caliente, where huge carne asada burritos are prepared "wet" with signature sauce, a very tomatoey rendition of the ubiquitous red salsa.

Groceries and other sundries can be purchased at Del Mar Heights Shopping Center, which contains a Ralphs, Rite-Aid, movie theater and the usual fare of small stores and chain restaurants like Jamba Juice, Daphne's Greek Cafe and Rubio's.

When the weather cooperates, the hills in Sorrento Valley become the launch site for many colorful hot air balloons, drifting gently in the breeze. With the right view, it is not rare to catch a glimpse of these vessels floating surreally close as they weave low through the canyon preserves. These prevalent canyon areas are filled with beautiful hiking trails through the dry brush and chaparral landscape, and are an excellent place for a charming picnic.

Sorrento Valley is the perfect neighborhood in which to find a calm and peaceful home for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the campus environment.

From Arash Keshmirian, UCSD - The Guardian, Monday, April 30th 2007 -

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