Resnet And Internet Access

UCSD offers two main internet access to its students: the first is the campus wide wireless access, the second is the internet access provided in the students' residences on campus.

Campus-wide wireless access

Almost all the campus (all the buildings and some of the open spaces) are covered by a student accessible wireless signal. The name (SSID) of this wireless network is 'UCSD'. Every student can access this network simply connecting his or her device (laptop, PDA, etc…) - the connection is open, not encrypted - and opening your browser. When loading any page the first time, you username and password will be required. They are the same username and password you use to check your mail.


ResNet is the internet access that is provided to all the students living on campus. It can be wireless access or by ethernet cable, the authentication procedure is exactly the same. You have to connect your computer (again, it's not an encrypted connection) and then browse any page. They will ask you to agree some Terms of Service and to provide personal information together with the credentials you use to check your ucsd email. Your connection will be active in half an hour maximum. You can be required to repeat the authentication procedure once a quarter.

When in your room, you should use the cable whenever possible, for two reason: first because the wireless access is a limited resource and sharing the same wireless connection with a lot of people can lead to a slower connection; second because even if you're the only user, the cable connection is a lot faster and more reliable.

The wireless connection doesn't have the same SSID in all the residences, it's usually something like resnet-asante where asante is the name of a building in International House. You can access any of this subnetworks (even if their range is usually very limited) but you may be required to register again.

You can find some more information about ResNet at their website.

For every kind of information regarding internet access, computer problems, computer lab access, email, webspace, technical assistance, etc… visit the Academic Computing Services website.

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