Dining Plan, Dining Services and Meal Points

Your Housing contract includes one of three Dining Dollar Plans based on your Housing assignment:

  • The 3255 Full Meal Plan (96 Dollars per week)
  • The 2795 ResHal Minimum Meal Plan (82 Dollars per week)
  • The 2145 Apartment Minimum Meal Plan (63 Dollars per week)

Dining Dollars are linked to your campus ID card.

Each purchase is automatically deducted from your account balance - just like a bank debit card.
Each time you make a purchase, the amount is deducted from your account balance and the remaining balance is displayed on the cash register to help your budgeting.

The funds may be used anytime at all UCSD Dining Services restaurants for meals, snacks, beverages, sundries, or groceries.

You can find a list of the 14 places where you can spend your Dining Dollars in the Dining Commons page. Everybody can use this facilities, even if they don't have a residential contract and then they don't have Dining Dollars. You can always pay by cash (no credit card accepted) and you may find it very useful as Dining Commons are conveniently located in all the six colleges.

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