Dining Commons

UCSD has 14 spots where you can grab a sandwich, meet up with your friends and use your dining dollars!

Café Ventanas


Phone: (858) 822 1976

Café Ventanas is located in ERC college; the building is beautiful and it has a very nice view!

Inside you can find several choices: a grill (that serves hamburgers and quesadillas), a stir fry station, a "fine dining" station (which has a different dish everyday, it's usually the best choice), a pasta and pizza station, a grab-n-go area (where you can grab a sandwich or a fruit salad, or sushi!) and a self-service soup and salad bar. Cafe V, as students call it, also organizes "fine dining" nights, where they serve very abundant and usually quite tasty dishes, charging quite a lot though, like around 15 dining dollars.

Canyon Vista


Phone: (858) 822 3458

Canyon Vista is located in Warren college; it has a nice view of the canyon.

The choices for eating include: a stir fry station, a grill, a very good salad bar, a sandwich bar, a pasta and pizza station and a self-service soup and salad bar.

Club Med


Phone: (858) 534 5581

Earl's Place and OLE


Phone: (858) 534 5561
Phone: (858) 534 5561

Earl's place is your choice if you don't manage to spend your meal points in any other way! It's located in Warren College and it's a mini-market: it has cookies, cereal, pasta with sauces, drinks, microwave/frozen food and utilities for the house.
Inside Earl's place there is a lovely cafe with Starbucks coffee and very good croissants; some people find it a very good place to relax between classes or even study a little bit!

El Mercado


Phone: (858) 534 1092

El Mercado is the place to go if you like Mexican food! they have burritos, tacos (very good the fish tacos), quesadillas, combination plates (enchiladas, taquitos, etc..), of course nachos and several salsas; be aware of the fact that it's often closed during weekends. It's located in Muir college, under Sierra Summit, the main dining common.



Phone: (858) 822 0824

A very small dining common, located in Sixth college, with a salad bar, a sandwich/pizza bar and another station with the dishes of the day; the tables are only outside, so watch out when it rains….fortunately this will happen very rarely in Sun Diego! Foodworks is also a small convenience store, where you can find microwave food, cereal, pharmacy products, etc…

Global Cafe


Phone: (858) 638 7895

OceanView Terrace


Phone: (858) 534 4924

Known as OVT, OceanView Terrace is located in Thurgood Marshall college, even being very close to ihouse; OVT is the late night option, in fact it's open until 1 am; it has several choices: a sandwich bar, a "La casa mexican" station, where you can get the famous "OVT super-quesadillas", an International station, a pizza station, a pasta station, an (eternal!) grill and a salad bar; be aware of the fact that after 10 pm the choice is usually restricted between the sandwich bar and the grill!

Plaza Cafe and Plaza on The Side


Phone: (858) 822 2085

Plaza Cafe is located in Revelle College; this dining common is very big and it has a wide choice: a grill, a salad bar and a big "fine dining" area in the middle! it's a pity it's quite far from ihouse and the center of the campus, but if you happen to go to class to Revelle or study at Clics, you may want to stop there for lunch!

Sierra Summit


Phone: (858) 534 1092

Located in Muir College, it's perfect for meeting with your friends for lunch since it's the most central dining common! It has a sandwich bar, a (quite good!) stir-fry section, a "fine dining" section (the chef is not very creative though, you'll find the same meatloaf 4 times a week…), a grill, a pizza station, a pasta station and a vegetarian option everyday! There is also an ice-cream/smoothie bar, that makes espresso as well! And if you're in a big group, there is a big room where you can go and eat, Sequoia hall: just take a right coming out of the cashier and then another right!

Splash Cafe`


Phone: (858) 534 2417

Splash Cafe‘ is a cute little cafe` just in front of the entrance of the Aquarium; it doesn’t have a lot of choice, just a couple of sandwiches and salads, but it's your only choice if you're down there :) the good thing is that it's open during Winter and Spring break!



Phone: (858) 534 2025

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