Note: During Summer 2007 the whole Price Center is being enlarged, then some of the information won't be up to date.

The Bookstore is the main shopping option at UCSD. You can find there textbooks for all the courses offered at UCSD and most of the school supplies you need. They also carry UCSD brand clothes and souvenirs, gift cards, novels, magazines, technical books, computers, and more.

Prices at the Bookstore are generally a little bit higher than off campus. For example, if you are not in a hurry you can order your textbooks on or on and save LOT of money (see the Books section for more information).


They generally have good deals on consumer electronics and even more on laptops an PCs. For example, there is an agreement between UCSD and Dell, so that Dell notebooks are usually offered at discount prices. You can check for offers of the month on the Bookstore website or directly on the Dell UCSD website.

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