Housing in Santa Barbara

To find a place to live is really important thing. If you are a international student, first you can speak with your school's housing offices about various options. There are some housing options for international students in Santa Barbara.

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First option is a homestay. Homestay provides a private room in American home. It can be arranged with or without meals. Usually, the schools connect students with homestay family. This arrangement is a good way to experience of living in an American home, but you will have less freedom compared to live in Dormitory or in Private Apartments.

Francisco Torres Residence Hall

Next choice is a Dormitory. College Park Francisco Torres is a private off-campus dormitory. The dormitory is best for college age students because there are a lot of UCSB and SBCC students as well as international students. Each room is double occupancy. All meals are included in the contract and Scheduled housekeeping services are provided. The dining hours in FT is 7am-7pm, Monday to Friday, 11am to 6:30 on weekends. There are computer center where you can access to Internet. For the sport facility, there are swimming pool, tennis courts, volleyball court and Fitness center. The facility in FT is really good, however it is a little bit expensive. You must sign a contract with the College Park Francisco Torres after arrival. If you want to live in Francisco Torres, you must apply early because the rooms are limited.

Francisco Torres
6850 El Colegio Road, Goleta, CA 93117-4336
(805) 968-0711
(805) 685-1182 (FAX)

Private Apartments/ Rental house

If you want to have more freedom or save money, you can get a private apartment or a house. You can rent a house in Santa Barbara area as well as Goleta and Isla Vista. In downtown SB, you have a lot of choices and the house is usually cheaper than Goleta area. But if you are a UCSB student, it can be too far from school. In Isla Vista, there are a lot of apartments for students. Because there are so many students live together in IV, sometimes you can meet slumlords. To find a rental house can be a overwhelming task. Moreover, you should consider several things to rent a house such as location, rental fee, etc.

Here you can find some information about apartments in Santa Barbara.

Part of this material comes from The International Student Guide to Santa Barbara, developed by Jihyun Lee, from Seoul, Korea while attending the University of California at Santa Barbara.

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