Housing in Irvine

Thanks to Andrea M.

There are few available options at UCI for EAP students, grad students and families as well. They are all listed on [http://www.housing.uci.edu] both for on campus and off. Here it follows a description for each and every one.

On campus Housing

Off campus Housing

Off campus housing is entirely managed by the Irvine Company one of the biggest real estate company in the whole US West Coast.

Their website for the UCI zone is http://www.rental-living.com/map-search/orange-county/south-irvine/.

Among the options listed there, only the following should be considered by UCI and EAP students because of their proximity to the campus:

  • Berkeley court and Columbia court
  • Harvard and Cornell Court
  • Dartmouth court
  • Stanford Court

All other options are not walking distance to the campus and a vehicle or a bike has to be considered in this case. Buses in fact do not serve those areas very well.

These apartments are very nice, confortable and few interesting facilities like swimming pools and fitness centers are usually provided. All EAP students might apply at any time to these apartments and in fact they are often chosen as an alternative option to on campus housing.
Houses are quite big and clean with two room sometimes single sometime double, usually two restrooms and a large kitchen with living room.

The main issue related with these houses is that they are usually rent as a whole. That means that the Company rent the whole house to a single person who’s in charge to find roommates. This option is very interesting when a group of friends, usually made of three people, want to live together. Prices might vary but usually are around $700/month each person at least. The website however provides a waitlist for those who needs or search for roommates.

Other options to find a house close to the campus are websites like Uloops and craigslist in the Orange County.
Here you can find both rented apartments, rooms, or simply roommates. We suggest you to have a look to the house and meet roommates before signing any contract. Different culture in fact may consider in different ways concept like cleanliness and quietness.

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