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Amtrak is a US-wide train company. Their main route in California goes from North to South following the coast. Trains are usually on time, clean and comfortable. Compared to European trains, they are more expensive (a hour journey costs around 15 USD), and less frequent, but also less crowded.

Sometimes train stations (the ones not in the biggest cities) are not reached by any other public transportation services (no bus, sometimes no taxi unless you call) that make you need a friend to pick you up. Even in the main stations you may have to walk some minutes to get to the closest bus or shuttle.

You can buy your tickets online on their website. Remember that you have to get your actual ticket at the station, what you print at home is only a coupon to get the ticket. In some stations there are automatic machines that change the coupon with the ticket, in some others you have to go to the counter. Purchased tickets are valid not only for the scheduled time, you can use them for another train. Instead, you cannot give your ticket to another person, they are personal and they may ask for photo ID in the train.

You can download a PDF route map on this website, where you can also find an interactive route planner.

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