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What is EAP Tips?


This is an unofficial wiki meant to collect all kind of information that can be useful for non-US students that are planning to have (or are having) an Education Abroad Program (EAP) exchange at University of California.

It's about the reciprocity part of the exchange, that is students from all over the world going to the UC campuses, but can be useful also for other International students at UC.

2 ways to browse EAP Tips!

There are two ways you can access this website content:

  • you can click on one of the sections on the sidebar
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Who can contribute to this wiki?

The creator of this wiki is a past EAP student at UCSD (University of California, San Diego). Everybody can contribute, and EAP students in all campuses of UC are particularly welcome!

You can modify the content of any page simply clicking on "edit" at the bottom of each page. No registration is needed. Thanks!

Non-student users

This website is mainly intended to be a useful collection of tips and practical info for EAP Reciprocity Students going to study in one of the UC Campuses. Give a look to this links if you fit in one of the following categories:

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