for Webmasters

If you own or maintain a website, you may want to

  • put a link to EapTips on your website, in this case you just have to use the standard address You are encouraged to put a link to EapTips in any page, RSS feed, forum, mailing list or whatever, where you think your reader can find it useful and interesting.
  • put a link to your website on EapTips, in this case you can edit the page you prefer on the wiki and put your link in it. Everyone is allowed to contribute to the content of EapTips, and adding a useful link is allowed and encouraged. However, EapTips is not intended to be a directory or a link collection: most of the time the best thing to do is to add some content to the pages of EapTips and put the link to your website as an extra reference. EapTips pages are periodically cleaned from links that are useless, broken or incorrelated from the page content.
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