for Official Institutions

EapTips is an unofficial resource for EAP Reciprocity Students, and it should provide all that kind of information that are not generally provided by official resources. It can happen that some of the information provided are a duplicate of the one provided by official sources. This is the policy that EapTips website is trying to enforce

  • information strictly related to the official and institutional aspect of the Education Abroad Program are not provided: no application information, no selection process information, no home university agreement information, etc. If some tips are considered useful but they are not intended to replace any official information, adequate warning is gives (e.g. Visa and Documents)
  • links instead of content copying and pasting is preferred when the information is likely to change frequently: on campus housing, campus shuttle routes, telephone plans, etc.
  • links to official websites, contact information, telephone numbers, etc. are provided as regularly as possible in the wiki pages.

According to this policies, there should be the minimal amount of information duplication, or even worse conflict, between EapTips and official sources. In case you, as an official institution, consider that some of the content of any of the pages of EapTips are against this policy, or if you want to comment or suggest something for the improvement of EapTips, you should consider

  • editing the content of any page, as any other person can do. You can do that anonymously, or you can join the wiki creating an account. In this last case you can choose an account name that reflects the officiality of your editing (the account name appears in the page modification history and in the forum and comments board). You can edit the content of any page, leave a comment at the bottom of an existing page, adding a link to an official resource, etc.
  • writing to the wiki administrator leaving a post in the forum. The forum is a public board and it is constantly watched by EapTips administrator. If you prefer private mailing, just leave a message in the forum with an email address to contact you.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License