How to choose

Coupon guides

Checking in and checking out

When arriving at the motel, remember to take with you the coupon that advertise the special offer or discount, if you have one.
You will be required to pay at least the first night (you can ask to see the room before, which is generally a good idea). Remember to ask about

  • breakfast hours
  • internet access (you may need a password)
  • check out time
  • reserved parking

Everything is easier if you pay by credit card, otherwise they can ask you to pay for your whole stay. They need the photo ID (passport or California ID) of one of the people staying in the room.

As soon as you enter you room, check if everything is ok and check if towels are enough, otherwise they can give you more.

Check out has to be done before a certain time, otherwise you'll have to pay an extra night.

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