La Jolla



La Jolla Shores is a mile long beach of smooth sand, and is popular for beginner surfers and for scuba diving because of its gentle waves. There is an underwater canyon off of La Jolla Shores Beach which is designated as an ecological preserve, making this beach the richest of all for marine life. La Jolla Shores has the only beach boat launch in San Diego. Kellogg Park lies adjacent to the beach, with playground equipment, restrooms, and lifeguard services. Bonfires are allowed at La Jolla Shores.


La Jolla Cove is a small, idyllic beach positioned between sandstone cliffs. La Jolla Cove is one of the most photographed San Diego beaches because of its breathtaking views. The Underwater Ecological Reserve at La Jolla ensures that marine life remains plentiful, making the cove an ideal spot for snorkeling and for exploring tide pools during low tide. You can look, but don’t touch! Possession of game is unlawful! Water visibility at times can exceed thirty feet. A palm tree lined park sits on top of the cliffs just above the ocean waters. La Jolla Cove's proximity to La Jolla’s upscale shopping and dining make the cove one of the most admired and most visited beaches in San Diego.

The Children’s Pool (850 Coast Boulevard) also known as the “Casa,” was originally designed to be a fully protected swimming area. The Children's Pool was intended to be a great place to take the kids because of the circular seawall which preserves the shallow lagoon from large waves and current, but unfortunately the seals have taken over. However, the Children's Pool is still a good place to watch the waves break over the seawall during storms. The Children's Pool offers life guards and restrooms.


Windansea Beach (6800 Neptune Place) is considered one of the best beaches in San Diego. Windansea is considered a prime surfing spot. Windansea is home to a notorious shore break that is a dream for surfers and body surfers, but can be dangerous to the inexperienced. Windansea has created quite a few famous surfers and is regularly featured in surf magazines. This beach has a reputation of being a locals-only beach.
Lifeguards are normally staffed at this beach on weekends in springtime, daily in summer, and on weekends in September. This beach has separate water areas reserved for swimming and surfing. Windansea is not recommended for scuba diving due to lack of undersea life, heavy water activity, and surf. There are no public restrooms or showers at this beach or anywhere in the vicinity. Beach fires are prohibited at Windansea. Consumption of alcohol is permitted on the beach from 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m., but prohibited at all times in parking lots, adjacent walkways, and grassy parks adjacent to the beach.

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