You can probably find some shops around your campus that are almost only devoted to costumes for a couple of weeks before Halloween. Unfortunately prices can be a little high…

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Halloween in Santa Barbara / Isla Vista

These great photos belong to Michael Grundmann.


Whenever you are, you will soon hear about Halloween parties in Isla Vista, Santa Barbara. It's one of the biggest event (the biggest I would say) for college students that want to celebrate Halloween their way!
It's a little bit crazy too, and a somehow dangerous too according to someone, but this is your year in California and you probably shouldn't say no - unless you have a midterm on November 1st -.

As the Halloween party got crazier every year - with drunk people, sexy costumes, all night long noise - police recently decided to put a stop. This means that on those days the presence of IV Foot Patrol, California Highway Patrol and the University of California Police Dept. will be more than doubled. For sure, they will strictly control alcohol in the street, but they should allow normal and responsible partying (see the updated news below).

Your attendance to IV Halloween Party will be way safer if you plan everything in advice: how to get there (no parking on that day), where to eat (huge lines everywhere), where to sleep or how to go back home.

If you're thinking about getting there by train (which is a good idea), check the trains in the US page.
About driving: a part from the fact that deciding to drive after getting drunk in a Halloween party is probably the most idiot choice you can do, you should not even consider the option if the party is IV Halloween Party! From the Daily Nexus: “Tell all your friends that, if they even consider drinking, not to get in their car,” Lobb said. “You won’t get a block out of Isla Vista without seeing a patrol car.”.

If you have some tips (train timetables, maps, advices, news, …) please post them below, in the comments! Thanks!


Some history
If there is one thing that UCSB is known for other than all its Nobel Prize winners, it’s Halloween. In 1978, celebrants threw rocks at the police, and 18 people were arrested. Word got out, and every year, more and more people started showing up to party and get arrested – not all UCSB students, mind you. By the time Playboy magazine recognized Halloween in Isla Vista as one of the “best parties in America” in 1992, the number of arrests had topped one thousand. A subsequent police crackdown began the dawn of a gentler, kinder Halloween. Today, the arrests and the rowdiness have been reduced substantially, but much of the stigma (and fun) still exists.

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