Getting To Your Campus From The Airport

Here are some specific tips to get from the airport to your campus, as this is probably the first problem you're going to have once you get there.


ATTENTION: if you are going to say on campus at UCSD, remember that Ihouse won't be open until the first week of class. You can ask to get there some days before (ask about early move-in options). If this is not enough, you should stay for example at a hostel for some days. They are located mainly Downtown, then you have only to take the 992 and you get there. Of course if you are taking part to the host families program you should contact your host family before and they can probably pick you up at the airport.

From San Diego Airport


Going by bus from San Diego Airport to UCSD can take almost one hour and a half. You have to take the bus 992 to get to Downtown (in Broadway) and there you have to take one of the buses that go to UCSD. The 150 is the fastest one. Check other routes on the SD Commute website but remember that all the routes that pass Downtown La Jolla before getting to the campus can take one hour or so to arrive there.

On the map above (click to enlarge) you can see a bus 992 with bus 150 in yellow. You can buy your ticket on the bus (between 2 and 2.50 USD) and one ticket will probably allow you con continue your trip on the second bus. If the price is higher you can again pay the difference on the bus. Remember that ticket machines on the bus don't give change, get some coins before getting on.

The bus stop you have to get off is the main entrance of UCSD, in Gilman Dr.

Of course you can go to the campus by taxi. It's not cheap, as the trip is approx 15 miles (something around 40-45 USD). Again, if you have to stay at a hostel for the first days you should only go downtown first and then up to the campus only when the on campus housing is accepting students. There will probably be other international students at the hostel willing to go to the campus the first day available. Try to contact them because a taxi van (Cloud 9 Shuttle and similar) from downtown to UCSD can be a lot cheaper once you split the price.

From Los Angeles Airport

Getting to UCSD from LAX can be a little bit tough, especially if you're carrying heavy luggages. What you have to do it to take a bus from the airport to the train station, then a train to San Diego and a bus again (or a taxi) to your final destination (your off campus house, ihouse if it'a already possible to check in, otherwise a hostel).

Here are some details:

  • once you exit from the terminal, right on the sidewalk in front of you, there is a series of bus stops. One of them is the bus to Union Station.
  • once in Union Station, you have to go and buy Amtrak tickets to either San Diego or Solana Beach. Unfortunately, the bus leaves one at one end of the station and the counter is at the other end. You then have to walk all the way down the stairs and down all the long passage to get to the main hall. There you can buy your ticket and walk back to your platform.

via San Diego

The trip to San Diego is 2h 34min and it costs about 34 USD. You can get to San Diego Downtown or to San Diego Old Town. They are both ok to take a bus to campus from there. Trains stopping to Old Town are definitely less frequent, but if you can get there you can save some minutes. It is perfectly ok if you have to go to campus, as the bus 150 stops in Old Town. On the other hand if you get to the Amtrak Station Downtown, you can go wherever you want from there, as it is located in Broadway, where almost all the but lines pass. You should check on the San Diego Commute website which is the best option for you. Give also a look to the public transportation page.

via Solana Beach

The trip to Solana Beach is a little bit shorter. There is an elevator up to street level, and a bridge across the train track. You need to cross Highway 101, and find the bus stop. There is a bus that runs between Oceanside and UCSD every 30 minutes. It is Route 101, the only bus that goes down the Coast Highway.

Off course from both San Diego and Solana Beach you can also take a taxi from the Amtrak station.


From Los Angeles Airport


From Los Angeles Airport

Convenient round trip transportation between Los Angeles International Airport and Santa Barbara is available from the Santa Barbara Airbus. There are 14 bus trips each day, with buses leaving Goleta 4am-7pm. A one-way trip costs $32 if pre-paid at least 24 hours in advance($35 non pre-pay price); round trip is $ 60 if pre-paid ($65 non pre-pay). Group rates are also available. Hours every day: 7am-10pm.
Tel. (805) 964 - 7759

From Santa Barbara Airport

The Santa Barbara Airport is not in Santa Barbara. It is in Goleta, near UCSB. If you arrive in the Santa Barbara Airport and have rented a car to go to UCSB / Isla Vista, do not follow the signs to Santa Barbara. Follow the signs to UCSB.



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