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You can also take Amtrak to Solana Beach, where you will arrive before Old Town or San Diego. There is an elevator up to street level, and a bridge across the train track. You need to cross Highway 101, and find the bus stop. There is a bus that runs between Oceanside and UCSD every 30 minutes. It is Route 101, the only bus that goes down the Coast Highway.

Some future EAP students may be interested in looking for off campus housing and for new housemates. Would you like a Housing Board where everyone can post?
Let me know, it wouldn't be difficult to implement!

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Hey everyone,
We are two female ex-Ihousers from UCSD looking to recreate our own little I-House this year. We are looking for two international students willing to share the apt with us (and a bdrm with someone else) for the school year. We have no gender preference and all we ask for are clean people who pay their bills on time
We are currently searching for apts close to UCSD with rent and utilities not exceeding $550/month per person. Please let us know at moc.liamg|70dach#moc.liamg|70dach if you are interested. Just so you know, between the two of us, we speak 5 languages. That's right, we're global.

Hi! At the bottom of almost every page of this wiki you can leave your personal comment for future visitors. Enjoy!
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