Campus Village

This is another available option for EAP students. Rates are a little bit higher than Arroyo Vista (around $530/month) but houses are much smaller and four people at most live together.

Their rooms are usually shared among two people and there’s only one restroom for them all. An independent kitchen and a small living room complete each house. Unfurnished apartments are available as well but the prices might not be that much advantageous being around $470/month. No mandatory group activities are offered here.

Average age of tenant might be a little bit higher than Arroyo Vista but still is reserved to undergraduate students.

Even though it is sometimes offered, no bus service is required to go to classes since campus village is pretty much located within the campus. The location though cannot be considered a full advantage since everything else (e.g. grocery shops, recreation center and so on) are between 10 and 20 minutes walking distance from here.

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