Buying A Car

Where to look for a car

Yahoo Autos service: there are two sections you can reach clicking on the banner on the left. A new cars section, where you can fill in a form with you ZIP code, make and model of the car you're looking for, and up to 4 car dealers will call you with an offer. If you are interested in used cars (which is more likely) there is a second section where you can browse a catalog of used cars and get some quotes. To get a quote you need a Yahoo account, if you don't have one. I would say Yahoo is serious enough not to use your data for spamming purposes, so I would give my data to them for a quote.

Another possibility, of course, is to ask a friend to drive you to some car dealers close to your campus and look for special offers or good deals.

The third option is to use some online classified lists like Craiglist. You can find almost everything there, included cars. You just have to pay a little more attention because you're buying from people, not from a car dealer, then you probably should double—check the car. But you can get some cheaper prices.

Average prices

What to check when buying a car


From California Driver's Handbook

For free help with insurance questions or problems call the insurance experts at the California Department of Insurance.

Whether you have general questions about auto, home or life insurance, need to verify the license of an agent/broker or check the status of an insurance company, the experts are working for you.

State of California, Department of Insurance
(800) 927 - HELP

If you're planning to buy a car, you have to think about the car insurance you want to purchase. There are several options, with most of the offers available online. You may want to ask to you American friends / roommate / apartment mate, to choose a car insurance company that operates in California.

Another possibility is to look for a cheap auto insurance in some dedicated websites. There are websites of insurance companies offering their products and other websites comparing products from different companies. Here are some of them.

Another option is to list your car in Craiglist, where everybody can find it and contact you.

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