Blacks Beach

Blacks Beach is the closest beach to the campus and it's consider their "own" beach by UCSD students.

Black’s Beach is what the locals call it, but the official name is Torrey Pines State Beach and it is home to one of San Diego’s most famous surf spots. The sand and surf of Black’s Beach stretches for two miles and is backed by majestic, 300-foot cliffs, which potential beach-goers and surfers must transverse while hang gliders and remote controlled airplanes sore from up above.

Black’s Beach is also a notoriously, though not explicitly sanctioned, nude beach. Nudity on San Diego beaches is against the law, but due to poor access this beach is not often patrolled. Black's Beach is one of the northern most beaches in the San Diego area, and is only for experienced swimmers because of its rough waters. Be aware of high tide and strong rips as lifeguards are scarce. No restroom or shower facilities are available at this beach.

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How to get there


There are two ways to get to Blacks Beach walking from the campus. You can take the short way, which means that you have to walk 5-10 minutes from ERC college towards Salk Institute and then take a path going down the cliffs. Or you can take the long way, which is a paved road going slowly down where the cliffs are not so steep.
On this map you can see both the paths.

The real Blacks Beach (at least what most of the people mean with this name) is at the bottom of the short way, so if you use the long way then you have to walk north on the beach for some minutes. Remember that if there is high tide (check tides here) the two accesses can be not walkable one to the other along the beach!

The map linked before is the easiest way to explain the two paths. Just pay attention to a couple of things. For the short way

  • don't go down that way if there is dew on the steps, it can be very slippery
  • if you are going down at night, use this way only if it is full moon (that is, Drum Circle, see below)

For the long way

  • if you're walking on N Torrey Pines, you have to take a shortcut to get to La Jolla Farms Rd. You have to enter a narrow path barely visible from the street. The map should help
  • if you're driving, you can get closer following the pale green path on the map
  • once you arrive to the black gate where La Jolla Farms Rd crosses Blackgold Rd, you can only continue walking. Even if the gate is open you shouldn't drive down the road as you can find it close when coming up later!
  • you'll find a nice sign saying that this is UCSD property! :)

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