Arroyo Vista

This undergraduate community is guaranteed for new EAP students, which are in fact considered undergraduate students.

It consists of many houses of the same type with different themes. Every house in fact has its own subject such as biology, engineering, humanities and so on. A complete list of these themes can be found on

Each house is managed by a student who is in charge to create mandatory activities within the house such as group discussion, movie nights and other events to stimulate relationships among fellow students.

This community is the cheapest option on campus and rates are between $350 - $550 per month accordingly to the house plant. Usually rooms are shared among two or three students, bathrooms are shared among 8 people and the kitchen is used by 18-24 people. The main issue with this option is the average age of tenants which rarely goes above 22 years old.
One of the most interesting options is the International Village which accept half students from abroad (international students, usually EAP students) and half Americans. Rooms are furnished with a bed, a desk and a wardrobe for each one. The kitchen is furnished as well but no pots, dishes or other stuff are provided.

A main advantage of this option is the proximity to the recreation center and to the biggest on campus grocery store. Moreover, buses connect these facilities to classes many times per hour throughout the course of the day.

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