American Campus Communities

These on campus communities are managed by independent Companies within the campus.

There are four communities: Vista del Campo (VDC), Vista del Campo Norte (VDC-N), Camino del Sol and Puerta del Sol.

The former two are the oldest one while Camino and Puerta del Sol were inaugurated on Sept. 2010. These communities are considered very expensive starting being rented for a minimum of $700/month up to $1200/month.

The house plant varies with prices. The cheapest house might have two or three inhabitants with single or double rooms, a kitchen and one shared bathroom and might be unfurnished. The most expensive instead might have single large and furnished room with private restroom and only two roommates per house. These houses are very well refined, new and with many facilities such as private swimming pools, common houses for parties and many grills outside for barbeque.

Unfortunately once again is not easy for EAP students to apply to these houses. Their policy gives advantage to UCI regular undergrad and graduate students. They might rent their room to foreign EAP students only if some of those are still available after the beginning of the academic year.

This option therefore might be considered by those who will join UCI only after the beginning of the first quarter which usually ends in December.

Visit for details about these facilities.

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